High Youthful Energy Expelled In Choregraphed Dance Music Videos! One Hi Energy Video To Each Post



The choreographed dance music videos dance music videos here-in is high energy choreographic music!  Social Music Surrounds includes the more extreme inexhaustable youthful energy expelled in choreographed dance music videos!

The choreographed dances are accompanied by the latest popular songs, e.g. Pink and Shawn Mendes. Added or subtracted, send yours choreographed dance music videos for inclusion? If each of the choreographed dance music videos is supported by 300 words, or at least over 200 words, that Post, or those Posts, will have a greater chance of higher placement in the search engnes.

It will need to be fresh copy, but I can spin copy to look fresh! it would cool to see new quality choreographed dance music videos that compliment the current inclusions this Feb 2018.

I would considered a reasonable number of Posts to remain at around the present level, thus to add and maybe delete. As said elsewhere, the choreographed dance music videos included are reasonably assumed to be included as of “fair usage”, there is no copyright notice included with the videos. If any objections are raised the offending choreographed dance music videos, or video, will be removed!

But I do not imagine anybody objects to receiving even more views.. even though some choreographed dance music videos are hugely popular! Social Music Surrounds com follows the same approach as with Mashup All Songs etc.

But if looking to add to a completely new domain within music, I will no longer have access to the theme w/resources being used as shown below. It is a tech issue. However there are more to traditional alternatives.. in computer terms!

MashpAllSongs – BlisteringGuitars – HorrorAtHomegigs – TopFratTopics – ModernKaraokeHits – CoverSongLists – GraffitiTrains – HearAmbientMusic – ElevatedChampions – CaptureExtreme. Some of these domain are not yet completed as I update – Feb 20th, 2018

choreographed dance music videos
choreographed dance

From the upload with copy I will be able to optimize for search engnes. I will also benefit by including ads related to Amazon US, I will get software better known. So in this we both win.

I`ve covered different categories within my different websites, including karaoke, but I prefer to keep with recorded cover music including choreographed dance music videos

In a way each Post is like having a immediate one page site, but without hosting .My contact email address is Social Music Surrounds com is experimental and open ended. Twitter: ShaunBFG

With regards to SEO – i.e. search engine optimization, is not the all-and-end-all, even though some marketers seem to have a tunnel vision approach to it! I`m sure from what I`ve seen in merch websites, some of the guys just use social media.

This appears successful without optimizing for search engnes (results ref, Alexa). > Here < is an example: Seb appears to me to only be using his influence over social sites, but he has a healthy number of online store visitors.

Social is an area I will be considering this year also. Fair warning, I will be undertaking videoing within marketing within YouTube this 2018 – short bursts!

However, considering links tha include merch sites that you can, of course include with your videos, it doesn`t matter how popular we are, or become, if including a merch store for example, you need sales.

Being popularity can still result in poor, even no, sales. So depending on how the store is set up, it can also mean a lot of idle stock. No good!  Tag: cover music video recordings. Shaun A Leggott Posts

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