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Social Music Surrounds is now a brief website that mainly introduces a huge online store that includes over 4131 products in over 91 categories! In addition Social Music Surrounds also introduces Horror at Home Gigs com. “Horror” as is known, includes Posts to most of the secure online store content.

Of the latter, it includes an intro to musical instruments and a download from where you can create haunting sound. As an example, the Waterstone is used to create haunting sounds in some horror movies! It is also included as imaged in the music store.

<The Waterstone.  Hitting the Horror website circumvents the store initially, visitors thus have the immediacy of seeing some of many images in categories, then link to the full category store list a top left when linking a Category.

< A tablet and cell phone stand, one of several, included in Horror. Compliment your surrounds, both in fun horror and music.. even create haunting sounds!

Within the music store there`s no trad drum kits, only electronic drum kits. However, powerful stage keyboards are included as well as, of course, midi-keyboards.

The music store is biased towards Tube music, e.g. ft. cover music recording. From Sam Tsui & Alexander Stewart >Here< is a basic but effective enjoyable recording. The keyboard Kurt is playing is clearly heard as an essential inclusion. So, as also seen,  it does not cost a lot to gain a huge following in Tube alone!

So it is far from practical to cover all categories from both, fun horror as well as from within music! People have different needs and different wants. At late May 2018 together that will total 6790 products in 178 total categories (two stores)!

But you can go through and select from the two list to see every category of course. Top left of both stores you can hit the Categories link to see all the listings in each.

Within Horror, most Posts will be linked to fun horror,e.g. Horror stands for cell phones or laptops, horror mats, horror shower curtains (No prizes for guessing what inspired horror curtains..) etc.

Not to overlook skull drinking mugs and glasses! But that reminds me, there`s camera coffee mugs included in the music related products.

Within both horror and music there`s the ubiquitous horror hoodies. In the music categories it includes keyboard designs etc. There`s also Five Finger Death Punch t-shirts and pants, but I`m sorry to say, in limited supply.

<Custom Guitar Straps. So you can have a horror music surround. For those who combine a living space with a small, e.g. videoing for Tube, music recording studio, you will find, for example, colored acoustic foam and more that will brighten a your surrounds.

So music categories are not only given to creating music, e.g. with Tube in mind, but also to reduce boredom between recording. There` quite a bit of socially related reading re promoting music.. also beer cheese! So let `s have some fun! Shaun A Leggott.  BeginWP

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