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Here Is The The List Of Video Motion Analysis Support Training Videos. Follow And Learn From Experts In Motion At Your Pace Withing Your Choice From Any Of Many No Cost Action Videos, e.g. in YouTube. 

Saving Vs Exporting | Video Exporting | Tineline Markers | Options Button | Video Resize and Aspect Ratio | Sniffer Video Downloading | DVD Ripping | Video Screen Printing
Video Surgeon Screen Resizing | Video Tempo and Speed Change | Video Key and Pitch change | Video Loops. What are video loops, also how to create them | Loop Properties
Video Freeze Frame Scrolling | Video Zooming | Overview of Editing-Selecting Tools | Video Editing-Delete-Cut-Copy Paste | Video Editing-Volume | Video Editing-Silence
Track locking and selection | Date Management-Remove Duplicate Videos | Video Editing-between videos | Video Surgeon Migration from Version One to Version Two | Video Surgeon-Deactivation of Machine | Print To File | Video Zoom Exported
From hard core sports to family action sports. In today`s fast moving and sometimes stressful life, it`s good to have an escape away from work. Now you can use a new software to rapidly increase sports skill. Previously motion analysis was used successfully in training professional sports people, also used by musicians, particularly guitarists.

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  Developing your skills more rapidly in sports, through to hard core sports, or music. Where music or sports videos excite you, you can use them in video motion analysis!
Learn from following the experts with this hot new software. It is available for both Windows and Mac. Here is just a recap from the previous Post on some of the ways you will benefit: down tempo to 25% of original recordings, freeze frame, move frame by frame, zoom in and out, loop, transpose, save your changes etc.
Here`s a video teaser that the more younger readers might appreciate. Not that I want the stereo-type people of different ages! Randy Rhoades  21 greatest >guitar techniques<
How to use:  Start with opening a video !file. You can access the first video tutorial below. From browsing your computer folders you will have downloaded one or more videos from the countless range of videos accessed in, for example, Youtube, be this in sports of music. You can also select previously opened videos you have saved. Video below might take a few moments to load!
There`s 25 Training Videos  in a conveniently accessible vertical order that explain all areas as a sports or music learning and teaching product. The complete list of titles are include above.
 To allow further insight right now, the video included below relates to printing video frames.  Wherever you have a digital format you can access videos to include and use for your own purposes! E.g. use them for educational or teaching from YouTube etc.
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Join Over Sixty Percent Of People Learn Active Sports Visually.

As A Visual Learning Or Teaching Aid Software, Video Motion Analysis Not Only Relates To String Chord Musical Instruments, e.g. Guitar Practice. It Also Relates To Sports, Intense  Action Activity Sports As Well As More Sedate Hobbies. For Example Following Golf Swing Techniques.  
From Considerable Study It Has Been Estimated That Around 65pc Of People Currently Are visual learners  As Opposed To, For Example, Learning Through Videos At Just Original Recording Speed Or Following Offline Dry Copy.. With This Software, YOU Have The Control. In Fact, Included Are 25 Support Videos! 
Add videos, for personal use, from Tube for example.  Visual learning is not new, it has advantaged musicians and pro sports people for years. However now, unlike before, software is available both in Windows and Mac.
Today you have instant access. All those wishing to use video motion analysis within a wide range of activities can do so. Visual learning within physical disabilities has been covered here in Social Music Surrounds com (I worked in  care support for more than 28 years). Sneaky tag: string chord musical instruments
Thanks to the newly introduced software, today you can become visual learners from home and away! It makes sense to help beat the competition by including the use of  video motion analysis within active sport training sessions. However, there`s several other reasons offering visual performance to an advantage, not least developing safer techniques within sports.

So video motion analysis is definitely not limited to sports and athletics, but some of today`s successful pro sports people have used motion analysis toward achieving their goals.
    Adrenaline sports might be performed at a more extreme pace requiring more exact movements safely to achieve goals. However, even with a huge dictionary of word alternatives, active sports are sometimes understood to be within more extreme sports or adrenaline sports.
For example, e.g. extreme skateboarding, but as perhaps an even more more extreme sports example, parkour. There`s several reasons to examine techniques in slower motion. For example, gravity wins, correct the landing techniques that will help prevent broken bones in feet! Examine adrenaline sports at a slow tempo, from visual learning correct or develop moves to reduce injuries and even fatalities in sports
For self development or coaching within active sports alone, there has to be countless appropriate videos you freely can find within Youtube. These will compliment learning in different active sports. In addition there`s purpose instructional videos in active sports. But you could even consider using video motion analysis within many activities. Here`s an online related mainly to string chord musical instruments.
 But as an example, urban sports, or city sports that includes parkour. Parkour is an extreme active sport where it`s sensible to suggest limited within a younger age group. Young people generally are more flexible in movements that more older people. However, youthful activities by definition extends to any age when pursuing sports where displaying youthful energy!
Within video motion analysis there`s the ability to analyse any part of a video. That is another advantage of where you have the control. Not only can tempo be reduces far below the original video recording speed, but you can, select areas of particular importance, freeze frame by frame, loop, transpose and more.. In fact the software includes 25 support videos. Tag: chord musical instruments
So learning through visual experience can be seen literally as huge advantage over the spoken word. As said above, it`s estimated that 65pc of people are visual learners. Perhaps, once knowledge of visual learning is increased, many of the rest will soon join visual learners in action sports and beyond! That is the convenience of video motion analysis software.
A further benefit relates to health and safely. I have briefly covered the subject here in Social Music Surrounds com. So the video motion analysis software can be used to as a learning curve when looking to reduce injuries in sports and athletics.
It can enable both sports coaches and competitors to see, in slow tempo, where sports techniques can be changes or improved. As a former sports instructor within karate I know, as said elsewhere herein, you cannot eliminate risks in sports, but you can make the risks reasonably acceptable, and also be seen to do so.
I`m retired, but as a further consideration within sports I have to admit to the mistake of teaching in ways too much from my past (having a paper trail history from 1981), but we have to also take into account today`s outlook, within different age groups, in  active sports.
We live in a so called compensation culture today, plus people are more conditioned to “softer living”, thus sometimes students are offered quicker grade passes to hold their incentives! On UK TV recently a women said she had practiced karate for two years an was about to take her black belt grading.
Years back within that time span the karate experience would have been considered too shallow, thus  we needed to show more depth of experience first. But if you don`t “go with the flow” you may find, if a coach in sports, students are quick to find a complaint about something and lose incentive. Obviously your club will be comprehensively covered by sports insurance.
Ok, so if it`s something people really want, perhaps for as much as possible, best to go along with it! Within martial arts alone there`s now more obvious opportunities within different styles, plus MMA.
But more generally if you don`t please sports students they may well leave and join the competition! Shaun A Leggott >Twitter<  musiccoverstoo @
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Create Your E-Paper, e.g. In Sports Or Music! Plus, WP Beginner Course

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WordPress Step-By-Step For The Cost Of Two Cokes!

If learning, or considering learning, an action sports activity or guitar and drums. Here is a further opportunity to receive fresh news daily of either action sports, or guitar, or both. These online newspapers, as above said,  refresh daily, so for example it adds a further when complimenting the video motion analysis software >
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Currently I have removed my Paper li e-papers due to Twitter. This is because I did not realize the difficulty in removing links once in Twitter. I contacted the support to get them removed… Now I am setting up a new Paper li account.
Paper-li automatically provides daily within action sports.  It will return actions sports and videos outside mainstream sports.  You do not have to be in your youth to perform youthful activities! To compliment this video motion analysis software will help you take the frustration out of learning action sports or guitar.  Follow experts from action videos at your own pace.. apparently delivers around 250 000 000 social posts each day, also extracts and analyses over 25 million articles. It is used by tens of thousands of marketers, researchers, businesses, hobbyists on a daily basis for monitoring and marketing purposes. Zero cost, or otherwise at modest cost, with Pro you can of course achieve more, e.g. embed a subscription widget on your site. is an online content creating newspaper that you can use to provide content on any any subject you wish, delivered as often as you wish. However, there`s no affiliate opportunity, so you (and I) can`t earn from promoting per-se. I gather they plan to offer an affiliate opportunity soon. However, the Pro only costs nine dollars a month, so the potential remuneration will hardy be likely to set the Thames on fire!
Use to engage your visitors aligned with your interests, work, and promotions. In this way hold them to your blog or other choices on online medium. Of course you won`t please everybody all of the time, but more likely a greater amount of the visitors for more of the time..
As an example, if using a blog also consider the bounce rate and time visitors spend on your site. Theses are two of the factors that effect the level of visibility within Google. Remembering also you are likely to face huge competition from other sites, so take all the advantages you can.

As indicated, you are not limited to just one online paper. So for example, you can use several subjects but still relate then to one relevant website if you wish. I do this method within music and sports, then I keep this information circulating. My link relates to action videos. So for example, I use the same link to video motion analysis software in my online papers.
An example is where adding content to Twitter. The more you add, the more impressions you will gain! It will be reasonable to increase Twitter impressions by several hundred per day as they occur in healthy spikes of interest. There`s not many occasions when we might consider spikes as healthy!
Please note my Twitter handle, ShaunBFG . I admit it`s not niche focused in this instance. However, I prefer the inclusion of action sports and different music genres to return fresh interests that will be new to visitors.
Introducion sports new to people, it gives the a chance to try someting new. A a result I hope they will find an advantage in using video motion analysis as away to develop sports or music skills more quickly. I choose to encompass a wide audience for the most part. Sadly, I lost around 500 followers in a Twitter glitch.
You can send posts to FB and Linkedin, or create attractive email letters.. even add content to you website as I also do. On the lines of the marketing “rule of seven”, engage more and gain a more positive outcome. You may be a celeb, but people like to see you around before they take you more seriously!
So relate to your blogs, social network pages or newsletter. can also be used as a source for curation purposes when creating copy.

 If you consider editing down a list of relevant content to your niche, it`s likely Paper li will provide you with related copy. Paper li claim to return information on “any subject”! Thus, imagine the breadth, e.g. in work, music, entertainments, gap year, sports or leisure. Diverse lists potentially built for titles from various categories must be staggering!
On defining the topics you want, you can also consider the language that your audience speaks. In addition you can customize just about everything, this includes its look-and-feel as well as branding. You can also consider your own advertising and generate revenue in
Video Motion Analysis Software for Windows or Mac

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Visually Learn Music Within Physical Disabilities

Visually Learning Music: Learn Guitar, Percussion And Other Musical Instruments, And Some Sports, Within Disabilities. The Emphasis In This Instance Is On Visual Performance.  See And Learn Within Motion Analysis Videoing Software.  Within Sports Alone It Is Now Estimated That Over 60% Of People Use Visual As Preferred Learning>>

Many people have some form of disability that effects hand arm and finger movements. If not having  these restrictions, other people they might know do have. The reasons for these restrictive types of disabilities run into many and effect all ages.
  <Link  It might be known where support is given within the family, in a neighboring home, or where support is provided in a professionally assessed way also in agreement with a resident. Exercise of mind an body has always been considered important in promoting and maintaining health for us all.

 WordPress Step-By-Step

In addition to this many if not most, people seen around generally like music, home or away. So not to over extend the previous Post, I thought I`d relate video motion analysis software to people with disabilities learning, as an example, to play guitar, even some sports. I`ll move onto video motion analysis software when addressing it to physical disability later.
However, as a quick but important early inclusion; video motion analysis is both a teaching and learning software. So as an example, a music teacher you might cover a familar instrumental that a student likes and on acoustic guitar. As an example, it can be recording in an exact way “tailored” visually to a student with special needs. Remember, the tempo can be reduced way below its initial 25%!
Extended info on I`ve been using a some keyword sets (A keyword can be two or more words you wish to relate together) to see if return related info in immediate automatic publishing, but nothing suitable so far.
I might try their support on that one. claim it will return any copy subject matter you want. Early days on this subject, but at this time I`ve not found the right keywords I want when related to disabilities – music or sports in this instance. is zero cost, unless you choose to upgrade to Pro at just nine dollars a month. There`s no affiliate link, but I understand they plan to include an affiliate income opportunity link. You can set up the publishing in minutes (even seconds if being a little frivolous), but getting the right keyword for what you need takes more thought and imagination at times.
 Obviously, allowing more insight, are keen to explain the advantages of Pro, hence my mention. In this example it`s a new subject to return information on stringed musical instruments (or stringed driven thingies!). I`ve put a link to my Twitter following today also.
That immediately boosted Twitter impressions, as I am sure it will with you should you parallel! As I previously said here in Social Music Surrounds it`s reasonable to expect this immediately after including links in Twitter.
As well as linking in Twitter, you can add to FaceBook and Linkedin, and of course websites and blogs. can be a handy quick addition to add in Twitter, like if you are tired and about to fall off your twittering branch!
When setting up to publish it might be found best to keep the keyword Heading in short sentences, this is where it returns most relevant results as, “Daily……”. If it is not as you like it you can keep changing it, but best not to auto publish unless sure.
This is because if you series several online papers you will end up with an online equivalent of cluttered paper!  That will be confusing, particularly through seeing the daily content updates streaming along in your email.. but you can delete papers.
Once satisfied, my way is then to change the Heading and add a Subheading, adding related keywords in the Subheading. Not to overlook a link of links, they show on the right side where you can add image/s to said link or links.
Video Motion Analysis Software. I have covered video motion analysis software in more detail than will be provided in this Post. That included listing all the 25 support videos for the software – available for either Windows or Mac.  This Post has a more softer toned accent. I believe they offer a good Q & A support should anything not be clear within their tuition.
But an important point I feel is that the tempo can easily be reduced down from 100% of the original recordings way beyond it`s usual 25%. When relating software with disability consider the feelings and activities, as well as abilities, of people who have disabilities I mentioned at the Post outset. taged: visual performance
Learning guitar, for example, might also effect an advantage for hand and finger exercise and better dexterity, as well as cordination. Perhaps eventually leading to playing guitar to a class without the aid of video motion analysis.
I have included a Mark Knopfler video below, not as a guitar tuition, but as a brief introduction to whet interest. It will follow on with other Mark Knopflier guitar videos in Youtube. Of course there`s a wide range of music tuition videos you will find in YouTube. Simply find the one, or ones that are most suited to you maybe as a teacher, music, style, genre etc.
>Mark Knopflier<   It can be drum tuition if you wish (If it moves, use it!). But wherever, some of the tuition will offer a subscription, perhaps after a trial period. However, if you spend a little time looking through you will find many videos freely available for your own use.   Tagged: visual performance
If you feel including action videos in video motion software isn`t suitable for you, don`t keep it. It is offered through Clickbank. Clickbank offer a guarantee to the many thousands of downloadable products they include. You will find access the software from this blog of course and again and right >here<
I have made it understood elsewhere here-in that I will eventually earn a commission from purchases of the software. But if you want to go elsewhere and deny me a little more whiskey, Coke, latte and cappuccino, that`s ok…really.
Usual message applies, please don`t copy-paste the images as they are licensed images. Adobe send out red eyed rottweilers chasing offenders` scent! Shaun A Leggott | Twitter | musiccoverstoo @ Tagged: visually learning music

Learn Action Sports Applying Said Video Motion Analysis


Take Off, Landing Distance And Conclusion? >  

So in support there are 25 training videos. Immediately below is the 1st of these videos. These support videos are vertically arranged, so easy to select. Here is the 1st:

Choice from the countless range of videos is entirely up to you when using for your own purposes! For example, consider beyond learning to play guitar, or advancing complex drum rhythms. Elsewhere consider faster moving and extreme sports, including urban activities and martial arts! So now imagine reducing tempo on your action sports, extreme parkour as just one further example. The activities list will be only be limited by imagination. The sky is literally the limit>     But sooner or later gravity wins! So you can take any of countless videos from YouTube in you action sports or music videos for example, and use them within video motion analysis software. With the convenience of this software, you will be able slow motion down to 25% (even beyond), segment, freeze frame by frame, loop, transpose all for your own development.  Link below>
As an example, considered as a brilliant guitar learning software (as emphasized in the software introduction), take a guitar action video, perhaps watch your favorite guitarists techniques in action, but in slower motion.. follow, copy and learn the techniques for yourself!
 Will it advantage online gamers wanting the winning edge, e.g. in competition? I throw the dice of this one for now  as I was a sports instructor. However, I have a simple site where I pose the question. Though not currently well ranked in Alexa, passively it has received 1,057 visitors over the past week (3 links). Insert date 29th July 17. So it seem it is an analysis software being seriously considered in progressing online gaming.  The tempo can be increase to 200%, I have to be apparently as I have not needed that pace…
But looking more to specifics, if not realized in the 25 training videos, you can always contact the software support guys. E game participation is increasing rapidly. So if video motion analysis will work to your advantage, get in before the competition catches on!
As earlier mentioned, motion analysis has been used as a teaching and learning process for years, so it has a proven track record.. literally in more ways than one.  Going beyond the product intro for use as a guitar learning or teaching product, you`ll see an example of use in sports, even by contrast to urban action sports for example, as sedate as golfing techniques.
So 100% original video action content needn`t by high sports action videos, or even film stunts! Imagine the possibilities not reasonably available to you before this software was available, certainly not previously available for most home user.
< Fifty Top Sports Photography Blog Winners:
Risks in Higher Action Sports (But you could even get hit in the eye playing tiddly winks..). Further consider safely in extreme sports for example. Sports action videos, where extreme sports are performed by experts, can have a value in slow motion where examining safer performed techniques progressing to desired outcome. We cannot eliminate risk, but we can reduce risk to what would be considered and agreed as manageable within different activities.
Thus, a safe level depending on the activity/ies performed. Or to use a colloquial saying from my past work, “cover your ass”.  In our past team situation, we would move along to risk assessments as changes occur. In effect this is what you will be doing if setting up a club. Involve as many people as possible, that way you are not shouldering all the responsibilities…
There`s a huge range of what are considered extreme sports today. Sometimes they are extreme sports simply by being practiced in a more extreme way.. Tag: urban activities
Gravity still wins! As an example, back in the early 80s I was involved in karate training in a way that maybe would dissuade people today. However imagine the possibilities for learning kata from slower motion, team and individual, when watching more complex moves, e.g. sword inclusions within katas.
 Shaun A Leggott >Twitter< Email: music covers too @ Images are licensed. Please don`t copy images or Adobe might unleash the red eyed rottweilers to follow your scent! Tag urban activities